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Katrin System Towel Dispenser

  • Katrin System Hand Towel Dispenser
  • Katrin System Towel M2 Blue


Katrin System Toilet Roll Dispenser

  • Katrin Toilet Two Roll Dispenser
  • Katrin System 2ply Toilet Rolls 800 sheet
  • Katrin System 1ply Toilet Rolls 918 sheet



C-Fold System

  • Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser
  • C-Fold 1ply Green Hand Towels
  • C-Fold 2ply White Hand Towels
  • Katrin 2 Plus C-Fold 2ply Hand Towels


Non Stop/Interfold System

  • Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser
  • Katrin Zig Zag 2ply White Hand Towels
  • Katrin Zig Zag 1ply Blue Hand Towels
  • Katrin Zig Zag 1ply Natural Hand Towels
  • Katrin One Stop 2ply White Hand Towels



Centrefeed System (pull down from centre of dispenser)

  • Mini Centrefeed Dispenser
  • Mini Centrefeed 2 ply White
  • Standard Centrefeed Dispenser
  • Standard Centrefeed 2 ply Blue
  • Standard Centrefeed 2 ply White


Forecourt/Bumper Roll System

  • Katrin Plus Industrial Towel XL2 1000 sheet
  • Katrin Forecourt Roll Stand


Toilet Rolls & Dispensers

  • Toilet Roll 200 sheet 2ply White
  • Toilet Roll 320 sheet 2ply White
  • Katrin 300 Easy Flush Toilet Roll
  • Lambi Soft 160 sheet 3ply Toilet Roll
  • Softy Luxury 240 sheet Toilet Roll
  • Kleenex Premier 240 sheet Toilet Roll
  • Andrex 240 sheet White Toilet Roll
  • Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Holders


Compact Toilet Roll System

  • Compact Coreless Dispenser
  • Compact Coreless 2ply White


Kitchen Towels

  • Fiesta Kitchen Towel


Hygiene Rolls (couch rolls)

  • Hygiene Rolls 10" 2ply Blue
  • Hygiene Rolls 20" 2ply Blue
  • Hygiene Rolls 10" 2ply White
  • Hygiene Rolls 20" 2ply White



  • Napkins White 2ply 13”
  • Napkins Bordeaux 3ply 13"



  • Katrin Facial Tissues 2ply White
  • Dry Wipes
  • Dermex Wet Body Wipes


Jumbo Systems

  • Mini Jumbo Dispenser
  • White Metal Mini Jumbo Dispenser
  • Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 150m 2" core 2ply
  • Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 150m 3" core 2ply
  • Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll 200m 3" core
  • Midi Jumbo Toilet Roll 250m 3” core
  • Standard Jumbo Dispenser
  • Standard Jumbo Toilet Roll 300m 2" core 2ply
  • Standard Jumbo Toilet Roll 300m 3" core 2ply



Micro Jumbo System

  • Micro Jumbo Dispenser
  • Micro Jumbo Toilet Roll 2ply (versatwin)



Bulk Pack System - Flat Pack Tissue

  • Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser
  • Bulk Pack 2 ply White 250 sheet


If you would like further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly sales team on 020 8301 5588.