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Furniture Polish

  • M.V. Super Shine Luxury Furniture Polish (anti static)
  • Pledge Natural
  • Mr Sheen Furniture Polish (anti static furniture polish)



  • Yellow Dusters (20" x 16")
  • Yellow Dusters (20" x 24")


Lambswool Dusters (Flicks)

  • 22" Plastic Lambswool Dusters
  • 48" Wooden Lambswool Dusters
  • Hand Duster Complete with Head


High Level Duster Complete

  • High Level Duster Complete
  • Telescopic Cobweb Duster
  • Cobweb & Dust Collector (for use on extension pole)


Dust Masks

  • Mask Non Particle Comfort
  • Face Mask with Filter



  • Disposable Overall


Safety Goggles

  • Safety Goggles



  • Blue Overshoes


Cleaning Cloths

  • Stockinette Dish Cloths (small/large)
  • Colour Coded Stockinette Dish Cloths (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)
  • Industrial Stockinette Roll
  • Heavy Duty Floor Cloth
  • Vileda Lightweight Cloth (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)
  • Vileda Mediumweight Cloth (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)
  • Vileda Heavyweight Cloth (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)
  • Vileda Semi-Disposable Cloths (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow) (machine washable)
  • Chicopee J Cloths (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)


Cleaning Sponges

  • Vileda Sponge Cloth (Blue/Red/Green/Yellow)
  • General Purpose Sponge



  • White Bleached Rags
  • Sanitising Surface Wipes


Tea Towels

  • Tea Towel (catering quality)



  • Contract Green Scouring Pads
  • Vileda Super Scourers
  • Sponge Backed Scourer
  • Vileda Sponge Backed Scourers
  • Galvanised Pot Scourers
  • Brillo Extra Large Soap Filled Pads


Metal Cleaners

  • Brasso Liquid
  • Brasso Duraglit (wadding)
  • Silver Duraglit (wadding
  • Selden K50 Stainless Steel Cleaner (silicone free cleaner polish)
  • Selalite (aluminium cleaner & catering descaler)
  • Selden Stainless Steel Polish (trigger - silicone free cleaner polish)
  • Vitopan Steel Clean (cleans, polishes & protects)


If you would like further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly sales team on 020 8301 5588.