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Bactericidal Cleaner

  • Spray & Wipe Bactericidal Cleaner (perfumed bactericidal cleaner)
  • Spray & Wipe with Bleach (concentrate bactericidal cleaner/mould remover)
  • Sabre Lemon Spray Cleaner (rapid action lemon cleaner)
  • Dettol Trigger (anti bactericidal multi purpose non bleach)
  • Selgiene Ultra Bactericidal (bactericidal cleaning chemical)


Multi Purpose Cleaner

  • M.V. Lemon All Purpose Cleaner
  • Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • M.V. Citrus Cleaner (general purpose degreaser)
  • Flash Liquid All Purpose Cleaner (lemon/pine/ocean)
  • Orange Squirt (general purpose cleaner & degreaser)
  • Orange Squirt Degreaser



  • Sanitaire Emergency Clean Up Shaker (emergency clean up with deodoriser to clean up vomit, body fluids and everyday spillages)
  • Selgiene Sanitiser (non scented - non tainting sanitiser detergent effective against MRSA, E-coli & Listeria. Ideal for kitchens, hospitals, schools)
  • Sanitising Surface Wipes


Cream Cleaner

  • Selden Cream Cleaner (lemon fragrance)



  • M.V. Bleach (standard strength)
  • Extraclor Thick Bleach
  • Parazone Bleach (thick)
  • Kleenoff Thick Bleach
  • Bleach Tablets



  • M.V. Pine Disinfectant
  • M.V. Lemon Disinfectant
  • Jeyes Fluid (strong disinfectant)
  • Selden K54 Disinfectant Aerosol

(bactericidal hard surface foam cleaner)


Graffiti Removers

  • Full Power Graffiti Remover (removes spray paint)

(bare metal/brick/concrete/breeze block/stone/untreated bare wood/polyethylene/polypropylene)

  • Selden T18 Graffiti Remover (trigger bottle)

(use on plastics and polycarbonates)

  • Selden D-Solve T70 (trigger bottle)

(for brick and masonry)

  • Graffiti Wipes

(for smooth surfaces, dissolves paint, ink and adhesives)


Trigger Hand Sprays/Sprayers

  • Trigger Hand Spray Complete (Blue/Red)
  • Ounc-A-Matic 10oz Pump
  • 1.8L Pump Up Plastic Sprayer
  • 5 Litre Pressure Sprayer


If you would like further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly sales team on 020 8301 5588.