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Prochem Carpet & Fine Fabric Speciality Products

  • Fabric Restorer (heavy duty upholstery pre-spray detergent)
  • Dri Pro (dry solvent cleaner)
  • Fabclean (low foam upholstery cleaning concentrate)
  • Pre-spray Gold (wool safe approved carpet & fabric pre-spray)
  • Leather Cleaner (leather cleaner & conditioner)
  • Leather Conditioner (professional conditioner)


Prochem Carpet & Fabric Problem Solvers & Additives

  • Shockaway Anti-Static Treatment for Carpets (anti-static treatment)
  • Browning Prescription (debrowning treatment & coffee stain remover)
  • Fibre Buff (pH reducer & debrowning additive)
  • Liquid Defoamer (professional anti-foam concentrate)
  • Powdered Defoamer (super anti-foam concentrate)


Prochem Carpet Cleaning Accessories

  • Tampico Upholstery Brush (soft natural hand brush for applying shampoo & pre-sprays to upholstery fabrics)
  • Furniture Foam Snap Blocks (prevents rust & wood staining from heavy furniture on damp carpets)
  • Foil Furniture Protector Pads (place under chairs and tables to prevent rust marks & wood stains)


Prochem Carpet Deodorisers & Sanitisers

  • Clensan (sanitiser & deodoriser)
  • Lemon Refresh (deodoriser additive concentrate)
  • Odour Fresh (deodoriser concentrate)
  • Ultrapac Renovate (solvent-free heavy duty restoration cleaner)
  • Urine Neutraliser (cleaner, deodoriser & neutraliser)



  • Fabric Seal (solvent based upholstery fabric protector)
  • Fluroseal Plus (carpet protector)


Carpet Extraction Detergents


  • Extraction Pro (low foam carpet cleaning concentrate)
  • Selfoam Hot Water Extraction (hot water extraction cleaner)
  • Heavy Duty Extraction Cleaner (fast acting product for high soiling in high traffic areas)
  • Fibre & Fabric Rinse (acidic rinse agent pH & colour stabiliser)



  • Crystal Green (heavy duty non-ionic carpet cleaner)
  • Double Clean (high concentrate heavy duty carpet detergent)
  • Dry Blend Carpet Cleaner (powdered detergent carpet cleaner)
  • Fibresafe Gold (extraction carpet cleaner)


Prochem Carpet Maintenance Products

Carpet Pre-sprays

  • Power Burst Pre-spray (super-strength alkaline detergent pre-spray)
  • High Performance Trafficlean (high performance industrial strength carpet pre-spray)
  • Multi Pro (pre-spotter & multi-purpose cleaner)


Carpet Maintenance

  • Fibre Shampoo (high foam neutral pH crystallising shampoo)


Carpet Spot & Stain Removers

Water Based

  • Neutral Pro Spotter (ready to use all purpose neutral pH spotter)
  • Stain Pro (protein stain remover)
  • 1-2-3-4 Spotting Kit (four spotting agents which are effective on most common household stains)
  • Coffee and Stain Remover (coffee, tea & browning stain remover)
  • Spot & Stain Trigger Spray (carpet spot & stain remover)


Carpet Spot & Stain Removers

Solvent Based

  • Citrus Gel (grease, gum & oil remover)
  • New Solvall Spotter (solvent spotter for oil based stains)


Carpet Cleaning Powder

  • Prochem Fibredri Carpet Cleaner Compound (dry carpet cleaner compound)
  • Johnson’s Shake & Vac


Chewing Gum Removers

  • Citrus Gel


We stock a full range of Prochem products.


If you would like further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly sales team on 020 8301 5588.