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Broom Heads/Brooms Complete

  • Soft/Stiff Broom Head (12")
  • Soft/Stiff Broom Complete (12"/18"/24"/36")
  • 12" Scavenger Yard Broom Complete
  • Curb & Gutter Brush Complete


Broom Handles

  • 4ft Wooden Broom Handle
  • 5ft Wooden Broom Handle


Catering Approved Brooms For Kitchen & Food Area

  • Hygiene Flat Sweeping Broom Head

(soft/medium/stiff) (12"/18"/24")

  • Hygiene Floor Scrubbing Broom Head

(soft/medium/stiff) (9"/12"/18"/24")


Catering Approved Hand Brushes

  • Hygiene General Purpose Hand Brush
  • Double Wing Scrubbing Brush (Blue/Red)


Dustpan & Brush Sets

  • Dustpan & Soft/Stiff Brush Set
  • Kingsize Dustpan & Soft/Stiff Brush Set

Colours: Blue/Red/Green/Yellow


Hand Brushes

  • Soft/Stiff Hand Brush
  • Deck Scrub Head
  • Nylon Nail Brush
  • Union Scrubbing Brush
  • 4 Row Wire Brush


Dustpan Sets (Lobby)

  • Lobby Dustpan Set Complete
  • Heavy Duty Lobby Dustpan Set Complete
  • Stainless Steel Lobby Set Complete


Sweeping Frames & Heads For Dust Control

  • ā€˜Sā€™ Sweepers Complete (18"/24"/28")
  • ā€˜V' Sweepers Complete
  • Replacement Sweeper Heads Available


Litter Pickers

  • 32" Long Arm Mechanical Gripper
  • 32" Standard Litter Picker
  • 78" Litter Picker



  • Wooden Handled Metal Shovel
  • Shovel T-Grip Plastic
  • Snow Shovels


If you would like further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced and friendly sales team on 020 8301 5588.